Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität

Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität

Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität Party,Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität bei , Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel.Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität Party Lite,Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität, Möbel & Wohnen, Dekoration, Kerzenständer & Teelichthalter.

Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität

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Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität
Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität
Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität

15 years of experience dealing with stupid tests. (SAT, ACT, all stupid) Book

What we do

We can tutor in SAT, ACT, SSAT, Subject Tests, GRE, as well as in academic subjects. 

We can work in person or online. 

We are going to make everything okay. Testing wise. Not sure what else you have going on.

Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität

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Why us?

Taking standardized tests is stressful. Knowing the content and the strategies won’t take you too far if you are too stressed out to perform. Yes, we know how to do all of the problems, but we also know how to help you chill out and work to your full potential. That’s just one of the issues we will address throughout a tutorial. 

Our Tools

We have some seriously cool stuff going on over here. Our student progress tracking system includes full score reports for all of our practice tests, online invoicing and payments, and simplified scheduling. Click below to check it out!

What they're saying

“My daughter Nicole worked with Jay in preparation for the ACT. He provided her with the skills needed and lot of tips on how to improve her test scores. We were very happy to see her score increase by 4 points, She very much enjoyed working with Jay. I highly recommend him to any parent looking for an ACT tutor.”  – Peter Z.

“Jay was probably one of the best tutors I have ever worked with. With most tutors, whether it be SAT prep or regular high school courses, the tutor takes the role of a teacher and treats me as a student. With Jay he made the environment a very casual one; we were not teacher and student, rather an adult and teenager working on SAT prep work. Jay is not trying to impress anyone and his very casual approach lets students fully connect with him and get the most out of the experience. I was never afraid to be wrong with Jay. I definitely believe he is the best tutor I could have possibly had for the SATs and I feel more than confident in my abilities to take them.” – Luke S.

Jay is an outstanding tutor and educator. Jay assisted our son with SAT preparation, but as a helping professional, he did much more, he instilled confidence, a sense of optimism related to skill development and learning and increased motivation in his abilities. Our son’s test scores improved by 200 points, a feat in itself, but his sense of mastery grew as much! Jay is personable, flexible and has a passion to tutor, coach and advise young adults to learn, grow and achieve.” -Scott B.

“Jay is the best tutor of all the tutors we have had for SAT/ACT prep….and this is our 4th child to receive tutoring. His methodical approach and multiple strategies produced weekly improvements. He has the students take weekly practice tests on their own time using the strategies taught and grades and reviews them at the beginning of the following session. He teaches/re-teaches areas of weakness as well as adjusts the strategies accordingly, tailoring the sessions to the student’s needs to get the best results. He is easy going and relates well to the students. To my surprise, my son never complained about his sessions or the practice test homework, joked with Jay as he learned and liked tracking his improvement. The day of the actual test he was calm and confident, instead of dreading it like my other children. Jay is truly an expert on these tests.”  – Sharon D.

“Jay was a huge help for my daughters SAT prep. He was very easy to relate to, down to earth and supportive. With his encouragement, she gained confidence in all areas of the test, especially math. Jay was prompt, affordable and was always in-touch regarding her progress. He was always just an email or phone call away. If you are looking for someone with many years of experience and a good attitude give him call. I will be using him in the future for my other children.” – Debbie F.

“I can’t say enough good things about Jay.  He has a strategy that gets results. My son’s ACT score improved significantly after working with Jay.  His course materials are thorough and easy to understand. He is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the ACT, and could easily answer all of my son’s questions. When my son started to stress out over some of the course material, Jay was able to keep him calm and focused.  His teaching style was perfect for my son, and I could not have asked for a better outcome.

You cannot go wrong with Jay Casale!” – Ronelle L.

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Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität

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Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität

Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität, Möbel & Wohnen, Dekoration, Kerzenständer & Teelichthalter

No two students are the same, so neither are any two tutorials. Give me a call or shoot me an email so we can discuss which program works best

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Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität
Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Party Lite Paragon Wandkerzenhalter Wandleuchter Rarität bei , Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel.