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Tools and Features

Score Reports

Full featured score reports for every test your child takes. The detailed breakdown provides insight into problem areas and helps build a solid strategy. You can download a full sample score report below. 

Progress Tracking

After each session, we will write a summary of topics covered and homework assigned. These notes, as well as the results of each practice test or section, help create a picture of the student’s progress. You can download a full sample Progress Report below. 

Parent and Student Portals

Wondering how your kid is doing? “Fine” not cutting it? Log in to your portal and check the notes from each session, as well as keep tabs on score improvements, tutoring calendar, and hours completed. 

Easy Online Invoicing

Access and pay all invoices directly from your portal. Never be in the dark about hours completed or money owed.

Simple Scheduling

Don’t feel like trading a hundred texts and phone calls to figure out a session time? Neither do we!  With our easy to use calendar, you can request, schedule, and reschedule sessions without any headaches. 

Online Tools

Our online students don’t miss a beat with our full suite of interactive software. 


Sample Score Report (pdf)

SampleProgressReport (pdf)

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