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Jay Casale

Jay Casale is the owner and founder of Jay’s Tutoring Company. He has been working in the test prep industry for twelve years, and has seen his students gain acceptance to the best schools in the country. 

Jay’s no-nonsense, relatable style makes him a perfect match for high school students. He is also a huge nerd who plays too many video games and wishes he could sleep all day, so he is pretty much a high school student himself.  In Jay’s former life, he was a musical theater performer. Once he realized that he might have to actually make money and have some consistency, he answered an ad for SAT Teachers holding “Teacher Auditions”. Audition was all he needed to see. 

In his years as a teacher, tutor, and administrator, Jay has worked with hundreds of students, both individually and in a classroom setting. He has worked for test prep companies both gigantic and tiny, been a Master Trainer (taught teachers how to teach)managed a roster of over one hundred tutors and their students, and written and developed original testing materials. 

Over the years, Jay has found that the content knowledge and mastery necessary to take on these tests is really just one piece of the puzzle (a piece anyone can master with enough time and effort).  Each student works differently, and each student requires a different approach. Jay’s skill lies in his ability to adapt his approach to any student, and to use that student’s strengths efficiently. For Jay, it is not just about cracking the test; it’s about cracking the student. Not literally. You know what I mean. He means. 

Jay’s students and their parents are like his giant extended family. (Jay is Italian so they all come over for Sunday Gravy.)* His clients say things like, ” When my son started to stress out over some of the course material, Jay was able to keep him calm and focused.  His teaching style was perfect for my son, and I could not have asked for a better outcome.”  and ”  Jay was simply amazing to work with.  My daughter enjoyed her sessions and felt that the lessons were very informative and helpful. The lessons were tailored to her needs and the one on one was much better than group sessions. My daughter and I both would highly recommend Jay as a tutor for the SAT.  5 stars! 

Jay is glad you made it this far into his bio. If you want to know more about Jay, just look around this site! This is Jay’s company. 

*Jay will likely not be having you over for Sunday Gravy. Jay doesn’t even call it gravy. It’s sauce. Gravy goes on turkey and meatloaf.

Our Tutors

Marco Conte

I missed the memo about writing in third person. My name is Marco like the pool game.  This is my fourth year in the professional tutoring game.  I started tutoring in high school just for friends and classmates and when I was looking for part-time work in college it fit perfectly. I fell in love with the rewarding feeling of helping students reach their goal scores and hearing back months later when getting into their dream schools. In my free time I love to read, play video games, and volunteer at  my local animal shelter to walk dogs. Hoping we’ll get to work together!

This is Jay. Marco doesn’t say enough nice things about himself. All of his students LOVE him. Marco’s ability to connect with his students on a personal and academic level has made him a consistently requested tutor, and one of the few people I’d trust with my company name. Which is my name. So it’s a big deal. 

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